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The Everyday Otherworld

11 & 12 May 2024

With Manchán Magan & Angharad Wynne

Eugene Golovesov
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Course Structure & Fees

An Online Programme


Dates: 11 & 12 May 2024

Times: 4pm – 7:15pm (UK London time)

Sessions will be recorded.


£65 (£45 concessions)

An Invitation

The Otherworld is present in our every day.

Until the last century and a half or so, this was the belief and the lived experience of most people across Britain and Ireland. But, through the gloss of modernity, the grind and guilt of the Industrial Revolution and the cult of rationality with which we currently live, we have been conditioned away from our natural porosity and sense of community and communion with the seen and unseen worlds.

This online workshop is a step towards reclaiming our birthright; our natural, yearned-for way of being in relationship with all creation. During the weekend, we’ll explore our contemporary understanding of relating with the Otherworld through the lens of the Brythonic and Irish traditions. We’ll dive deep into myth, story, lore and magical practice to render ourselves more permeable to the subtle forces and the generous guidance that is woven around us. You’ll be guided through practices that reignite these delicate relationships that are so fundamental to our interrelationship with the web of all life.

This is for those who sense that there is an ‘otherworld’ living beside this one and wish to explore and experience it through the understandings and the practices of these traditions.

Mason Field
Manchán Magan

Your Guides

The lead guides of this apprenticeship are Manchán Magan and Angharad Wynne.

Manchán Magan is an Irish writer and documentary-maker, the author of award-winning Thirty Two Words for Field and Listen to the Land Speak.

Angharad Wynne

Angharad teaches from the old Brythonic tradition of the British Isles, the spirit ways of the ancestors of this land, and how we can recover and remember them to help us restore balance in ourselves and with the world around us.