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The Ritual Year

January 2024 – January 2025

With Colin Campbell, Hanien Campbell and Rachel Fleming

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Course Structure & Fees

An Online Programme


Structure of each ritual

Instructions will be sent out 7 days before the start of the ritual (Fridays) with instructions on how to prepare yourself and your space for the ritual to come. This may include suggestions for diet or personal work with dreaming, vigil or tracking, or ways to prepare your space.

Context: Friday, 7-8pm (UK, London)
In this session Colin will outline the context of this ritual, what it is used for and the instructions for how it will be conducted. There will be questions and answers from the group.

Activation: Saturday, 4-5.30pm GMT
This session will be for preparation and activation of the ritual after which you will be invited to undertake the ritual in your own time, immediately after the session or a time to suit you.

Reflection: Sunday, 4-6pm GMT
In this session we will come back together as a circle to share our experience, to receive reflections and to discuss how to track and integrate developments over the coming weeks.


2, 3 & 4th February: Ritual for Clearing

1, 2 & 3rd March: Ritual for Beginning

5, 6, 7th April: Ritual for Abundance

3, 4, 5th May: Ritual for Protection

31, 1, 2nd June: Ritual for Severing

5, 6, 7th July: Ritual for Untangling

An Invitation

Many of us are beginning to realise that the challenges we face, both personally and in our collectives, are not being solved by the logical, rational, materialistic interventions we are making in the world. A different way of working is required, which calls us into relationship with the unseen forces and flows and deeper levels of reality that surround us. 

Ritual is one way of working with these invisible processes and all who have used these archaic and magical processes are aware, from experience, that calls are answered, that the world itself does respond, that there is possibility for reciprocity and conversation with the ineffable. And many are also aware that when we make these calls, when we perform ritual together, within a wider circle, we increase the potency of the working, both for ourselves and beyond. 
In the coming year will will be offering monthly rituals aimed at making specific calls into the world, for ourselves and our collectives, for our families, communities for the world at large – whether this is clearing, protecting, severing, untangling, beginning or creating abundance. These rituals will be serious undertakings in which you will be asked to prepare yourselves and your space, to undertake a specific ritual with instructions and intention, and afterwards return to the circle to reflect and share. 
Please feel free to join us for the entire arc of rituals, or drop in for those that carry the most potency for you. 
No previous experience of ritual work is required – beginners welcome. 
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell - Sangoma

Your Guides

The lead guides of this apprenticeship are Colin Campbell and Rachel Fleming.

Colin works with the wisdom traditions of South Africa, specifically those that are based on our relationships with the ancestors and spirits of nature. He looks at where these ancient indigenous practices collide and coalesce with the knowledge and belief systems of the west.

One of the most unique and precious treasures Colin Campbell bears is that he is one of the few who were accepted, taught and initiated by some of the wisest pre-industrial African knowledge carriers who lived in Southern Africa. Sadly, due to the decline of this indigenous culture and its associated natural habitats, Colin and his younger brother Niall, are now amongst the rarest-known custodians of ancient sacred African knowledge systems.

He now works around the world as a diviner, teacher and public speaker, developing forms through which to bring this knowledge to the modern world.

Rachel Fleming

Rachel Fleming has worked with animist education for many years, designing and delivering educational programmes for Schumacher College, University of Wales Trinity St Davids and Embercombe, with a focus on the meeting place between human, spirit and nature, between ‘ecology’ and ‘spirituality’. She is co-founder and curator of the Contemporary Animism programmes and loves to convene conversations that explore the deepest depths of why we are here, the ways we find belonging to the world and how to be in service to soul. She has trained with The Sacred Trust for over 20 years and is committed to scholarship, word magic, creative imagination and the medicine of circles.