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Animate Earth Talks

Enjoy a selection of free online talks as we explore an animist worldview with a host of Animate Earth friends, contributors and speakers. Follow our Youtube channel for regular updates.

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Divination – Animate Earth Online talk
with Colin Campbell, Angharad Wynne & Rachel Fleming

What if we lived in deep conversation with the ensouled world?

According to Thomas Berry, Nature itself is “the primary text” that contains all the instructions we need about how to live on the earth, balanced, interconnected, in awe and respectful of all things seen and unseen.

As long as there is wild nature the information remains, but in these times, we have forgotten how to read it. We have lost access to this interactive field of information that allows us to belong and work within the natural tides, cycles and flows of the world.

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The Common Wild Tongue – Animate Earth Online talk with Patrick Jasper Lee

Is there a language that exists in the natural world that we as humans have forgotten? Is it possible that the world speaks and it is only us that can no longer hear? In this free event we talk with Romani Gypsy Patrick Jasper Lee about the old understandings of the common wild tongue and how we might begin to understand it again.

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Land and Lineage – Animate Earth online talk with Daniel Foor

Many of us have been displaced from our lands and our lineages, from our relationality with the kin we evolved with and the ancestors who were buried in the ground we inhabit. Join us for this free conversation and practice session with Daniel Foor as we explore the possibilities of reconnection, belonging and participation in the world and the times we find ourselves in as a result.

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The Spirit of Ubuntu – Animate Earth online talk with Sicelo Mbatha  

Is it too late for humans to restore their belonging within the natural world? In this free event we talk with Sicelo Mbatha from the Zulu tradition about his potent and transformative approach to being in community in the wilds of South Africa, and how this urgent recovery of primary relationship with our other-than-human kin is essential for survival.

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Wounded Places: Joy, Grief, Belonging and Beauty – Animate Earth Online Talk with Trebbe Johnson

It’s easy to love beautiful places, but the grief we hold when they have been damaged or destroyed, means that it can take great courage to redefine, and even strengthen, our relationships with them. For many years Trebbe Johnson has been holding the flame for wounded places around the world and guiding us towards the radical joy that arises from our tending to them with beauty, and the fierce consciousness we must develop in order to find meaning and joy, even in hard times.