In the Direction of Beauty

an animist worldview, held by our ancestors and relations across the world, is a more connected, harmonious, sustaining and joyful way to live in the world

our science, art, psychology and living experience itself, all point to an animist worldview that is more aligned with humanity than the de-souled modality we now live in

it’s possible to remember and develop our capacity to live consciously, in a much deeper relationship with the living world, and to return to a view of all life as sacred

that a shared intelligence about how to live in this world is available to all of us, and as we learn to relate more deeply with all life, it’s possible for new capacities to develop and for solutions to the challenges of humanity’s existence to arise

that all people’s perspectives are important in finding this deeper relationship, and that scientist, artist, human and non-human voices are all valid and heard

that participating in ceremony, sharing our wisdom, grief, joy and gratitude are potent medicines for our time

it is possible to connect with, understand and feel more consciously involved in the evolution of life on this animate earth