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From Thistles to Snakes

With Maria Rodale


What messages from the hidden world would the creatures of the garden bring us if we could communicate with them directly? Join us for this free talk with Maria Rodale whose wonderful new book Love, Nature Magic: Shamanic Journeys into the Heart of My Garden, looks at the magic of age-old shamanic journeying to reimagine the relationship and hold sacred dialogue with the plants and animals that co-inhabit our places.


Maria Rodale

Maria Rodale

Maria Rodale is a co-explorer in search of the mysteries of the universe and describes herself as ‘a grandmother, mother, artist and crazy gardener’. She is the author of Love Nature Magic, Shamanic Journeys into the Heart of My Garden, Organic Manifesto and Scratch. She is also the ‘recovering CEO and Chairman’ of Rodale Inc, the publishing company that published Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, a campaigner for organic regenerative farming and has won many lifetime awards for service and activism.


“When someone as grounded as Maria Rodale shares how the intelligence of plants, insects, and animals surpass what we have come to believe, we should listen. Love, Nature, Magic is about sentience, a living world more spectacular and alive than one can imagine, a shared consciousness known to Indigenous people for over ten thousand years”—Paul Hawken, creator, Project Drawdown



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  • From Thistles to Snakes
     March 27, 2024
     7:00 pm - 8:00 pm