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Subtle Energies of The Land

Level 1: Restoring Balance

30 September – 3 October

With Patrick MacManaway and Rachel Fleming

Adalia Botha unsplash
Adalia Botha unsplash
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Course Structure & Fees

A Residential Programme


South West England


Arrive: 6pm 30th September

Depart: 4pm 3rd October


£545 –  includes food, accommodation & teaching

Early bird £510 (until 1st March 2024)

If you are not able to attend for financial reasons, we do have a small bursary pot that allows for people to come who would not otherwise be able to. To apply for a bursary please fill in the application form.

An Invitation

In an animate world, subtle energies and intelligence surround us, natural energy fields that affect the health and behaviour of soils, plants, animals, people, the water and the land itself. Working with these forces, flows and cycles of nature would have come more easily, perhaps, to our forebears, who were reliant on maintaining a balanced and harmonious relationship with the land for their survival, but they can be recovered.

This is a training for those who work with the land in any capacity, for those who would like to explore and begin to use the art, the science of working with the land in this subtle capacity. There is much evidence to show that working in this way, with the land, with crops, animals, water-courses, trees and the communities, human and otherwise that live upon it, leads to greater balance, harmony and productivity for all.

The objectives of our time together are to:

  • understand subtle energy principles
  • understand how to use intuition, kinesiology and simple telepathy to access information and guidance
  • understand the power of connection with the intelligence of nature at work in your landscape
  • participate with and co-creatively influence the fundamental processes of nature
  • understand the power of intent and attitude in influencing the success of our relationships and our work with the land
  • understand the impact of energy imbalances, and learn techniques to correct these and restore health

After this introduction our intention is that you return home empowered to participate and co-creatively influence core life processes impacting soils, plant growth, animal health, human community and economics for the land that you steward or live within; that you experience a deep sense of ease and belonging in your landscape and that you understand the power of being energetically in balance and be empowered to seek this state for yourself, your land and your communities. 

This Level 1 course leads to a further Level 2 for those seeking to deepen their experience and skills. On completion of this level you will be part of an ongoing community of practitioner with access to ‘Graduate Circle’ events where peer to peer learning and sharing allow us all to deepen and extend our skills collectively.

Oxford Real Farming Conference Photo by Hugh Warwick
Patrick MacManaway at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2024 - Photo: Hugh Warwick
Oxford Real Farming Conference Photo by Hugh Warwick
Rachel Fleming at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2024 - Photo: Hugh Warwick
Patrick MacManaway

Your Guides

The lead guides of this apprenticeship are Dr Patrick MacManaway
and Rachel Fleming.

Patrick, otherwise known as ‘The Land Whisperer’ is a third generation practitioner of psychic and healing arts, working with farmers, land stewards, individuals and organisations all over the world. His intention is to bring grace and restore balance in natural systems, improving productivity and harmonious relationship between humans and places. He is a past president of the British Society of Dowsers, holds a degree in Medicine from Edinburgh University in his native Scotland and has taken apprenticeships in both Western and Eastern approaches to traditional Geomancy and working with landscape energy.
Rachel Fleming

Rachel Fleming has worked with animist education for many years, designing and delivering educational programmes for Schumacher College, University of Wales Trinity St Davids and Embercombe, with a focus on the meeting place between human, spirit and nature, between ‘ecology’ and ‘spirituality’. She is co-founder and curator of the Contemporary Animism programmes and loves to convene conversations that explore the deepest depths of why we are here, the ways we find belonging to the world and how to be in service to soul. She has trained with The Sacred Trust for over 20 years and is committed to scholarship, word magic, creative imagination and the medicine of circles.