Ntlhantle: In the Direction of Beauty

With Colin Campbell

As an introduction to our original Contemporary Animism programme Colin Campbell offered three talks on Restoring a Fractured Cosmology.

In these talks we explore how we find meaningful ways to bring back systems of belief that have been excluded from our modern industrialised cosmology. How our pre-industrial ancestry can inform us about the potential for reclaiming those parts of ourselves that have been lost during the course of industrial Globalization. These are important considerations of our time, crucial for our evolution as humans striving to regain our balance and place within the natural world.

Colin, who is the holder of traditional African medicine traditions, diviner and co-leader of our Contemporary Animism programme, will be mixing spoken teaching/oral transmission with practical suggestions, ritual and embodied work.

Talk 1: Building Kia and finding Nxum
The path of Regeneration Among Hunter Gather Traditions of North Western Botswana
Talk 2: Singing the Sun into the Sky
Alluring the Gods through the Cultivation of Ecstatic Experience
Talk 3: Tending the Sacred Muse
An Animistic Approach to Growing Creative Eros


Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell

Colin works with the wisdom traditions of South Africa, specifically those that are based on our relationships with the ancestors and spirits of nature. He looks at where these ancient indigenous practices collide and coalesce with the knowledge and belief systems of the west.



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