Painting With Water


The Rainmaker
Art, Animism and Restorative Practice

with Hanien Conradie & Colin Campbell


This is a retreat for artists of all kinds, for those who wish to make beauty on the earth – with no experience required. We will be exploring art-making as a way of restoring and creating beauty in order to call for harmony and healing. It will take place within an overall container of ritual and ceremony that will help us make ourselves more permeable to the place and the forces and flows that run through it.
During our time together we will be working alone and together to create art, within an overall container of ritual and ceremony. The following is an indication of what we will be covering and sharing:

  • Breaking Waters: Animism, Art and the act of Creation
  • Still Waters: Calling for the Salve of Rain – the role of ritual and art within the context of climate change
  • The Voice of Water: Re-sounding a Silent River – rivers, water and rainmaking
  • Singing the Sun into the Sky – healing with poetry, chanting and ritual
  • Making Ephemeral Art Interventions, Creating a Ritual, Writing and performing a poem or a short writing piece
  • Cold Water Swimming and Writing Experience
  • Ceremony and Ritual, Vigil and Pilgrimage
  • Practices for making permeable the boundary between ourselves and place and for experiencing the creative flow of nature in us and how to work with it

This is a deep exploration and place-based retreat for art and beauty making for all artists regardless of your chosen medium or your level of experience. It is for those who wish to deepen into a conversation with the unseen forces of nature and creativity, and explore how those are expressed through making beauty, with the overall intention of restoration and healing.


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Shared Room £895.00 GBP  
Camping £735.00 GBP  
Deposit if paying in installments (by agreement) £200.00 GBP  

  • The Rainmaker
     June 21, 2024 - June 28, 2024
     6:00 pm - 10:00 am


United Kingdom


English Lake District

Lake District